Amergint Technologies

AMERGINT TECHNOLOGIES Satellite Ground Station Systems & components. Recorders. Software for Satellite test. Custom board level products.

• Instruments and software for processing, test analysis, recording, and playback
of satellite downlinks

• Test Executor for planning, automating, and performing tests

• softFEP instruments for reconfigurable signals and processing tools

Brandywine Communications - Northern California

Brandywine Communications is a major designer and manufacturer of GPS Time & Frequency Systems and Modules for defense and commercial applications worldwide. Our products include Precise Timing Synchronization, Time Code Generation, Frequency Distribution and GPS Clocks (C/A code tracking/P(Y) SAASM capable versions).

Microwave Innovations - California

Encoder, signal conditioning for flight test. Full-up telemetry and video systems. FM telemetry, including, voltage controlled oscillators, calibrators, mixer amplifiers, time division multiplexing components, RF transmitters and fiber optic components.

Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc - CA, NV, OR and WA
Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc. is a full service design and integration engineering firm, that specializes in the development and manufacture of RF/Microwave (DC to 33ghz) and fiber optic components, cable assemblies (Mil Tactical & Shipboard Cable Assembly Types: TFOCA-II, 38999. 28876, AVIM), modules and systems. Microwave Photonic Systems, Inc. provides products and services to a wide array of military and commercial customers, who operate in the Broadband, Defense, Telecommunications, SATCOM, and Wireless markets.
Mu-Del Electronics, Inc. - Northern California

Mu-Del specializes in manufacturing state-of-the-art RF and Microwave products for Intelligence Collection, Detection and Analysis, as well as Telecommunication, Satellite Communication and Radar Signal Processing Systems. Mu-Del products are designed to operate in the frequency range of DC - 40.0 GHz

  • Metal 3D printed custom antennas 1GHz-110GHz
  • Antenna Arrays, Feeds and Sub-reflectors
  • Filters, Waveguide, Diplexers, RF Switches all integrated into one assembly
  • Space Qual, Airborne, Ground
  • AS 9100 and ISO 9001 Certified
Space Information Laboratories - California

Space Information Laboratories build Avionics for Sounding Rockets, Li-Polymer Batteries for Satellites, UAV and Launch Vehicles, Autonomous Flight Termination Systems, GPS Metric Track Unit for Launch Vehicles, and CUBESATS

Space Micro - California

Airborne/Space Transmitters, Receivers, Encoders, Signal Conditioning, STDN/SGLS Transponders, Space X-Band Transmitters, Encryption/Decryption, Datalinks.

Design and manufacturing the most advanced ground equipment available for satellite and payload integration and test; launch support, and on-orbit communications. Capabilities include satellite command and control; data acquisition, processing and display; telemetry and command processing; space link processing and routing; mission/payload data handling; and RF processing, modulation/demodulation, and ranging.

Summation Research Inc. - States of Washington, Oregon & California

Summation Research, Inc. (SRI) is an engineering and manufacturing company providing high performance data acquisition, satellite telemetry, and communication products and systems to defense, government and commercial markets worldwide.

  • High performance antennas and positioning systems 5.4m and larger at S, C, X, Ku and Ka Band
  • TT&C Low Data Rate Modems and DVB-S2 High Data Rate Modems
  • Full Range Ground Segment Solutions
  • Communications on the Move: Reflector, Hybrid Arrays and Phased Array Technologies
  • Full range of on-site capabilities :Facilities, installation, training, depot, site staffing

News, 7/8/2014: Gray Laboratories, Inc. (GLI) was acquired by ViaSat, Inc, (VSAT)

WV Communications

Flight termination systems - IRIG & EFTS, 1K to 10K HPA’s
Tone generators, monitors, & RSO consoles
Solid state power amps UHF-X Band - 1W to 4KW+
Up/down converters & multicouplers